With many of us being forced to work from home due to the outbreak of Covid-19, there is the extra worry of energy bills. As winter approaches it has never been more important to ensure we stay healthy and warm. These are some tips for reducing your energy bills, while still maintain a comfortable home.

1. Be Mindful with Appliances

As we are spending more time at home, it is more likely that we’ll be using much more energy than usual. This doesn’t just apply to heating, but other appliances such as washing machines and tumble dryers. Make sure you’re filling the washing machine with a full load, for example, as this will conserve more energy. Use your heating wisely. Don’t blast it all day if you don’t need it, but make sure you don’t leave yourself cold either.

2. Consider Insulation

Solid wall homes lose more heat than cavity constructed properties, and insulation can save you money on your energy bills. External wall insulation and internal wall insulation are both options for helping to conserve heat while reducing your bills.

3. Move Furniture

If you can’t seem to heat up your home, it may be down to your furniture. Make sure your furniture isn’t preventing heat from circulating. For example, you may have a couch or table which is against the radiator. Considering rearranging your furniture to allow the room to heat up more freely.

4. Replace Boiler

If your boiler is over six years old, it may be inefficient. It is worth replacing your boiler if the heat isn’t circulating the way it should be, you hear clunking noises from it, or your bills seem higher than usual. We have access to government funding which may pay for your new boiler or at least some contribution towards it.

5. Compare Suppliers

Are your energy bills higher than other people you know? It might be time to look around. Energy companies tend to charge different prices, so it does pay to shop around to get the best deal. It is very simple to change suppliers, but it could save you a lot of money in the long run.

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