How We Can Help You Get A Free Boiler

Could you be entitled to a free boiler?

At Union Technical, we have been helping people across the UK get out of fuel poverty. We do this under the Government ECO scheme which has been updated again in 2019 to expand the qualifying criteria. If you qualify under this government boiler scheme, you could be entitled to a free boiler and/or insulation.

No matter whether you are a home-owner, are renting, or are a landlord, your property could have its old boiler replaced. You could have this work completed free of charge or for a small contribution. After getting in touch with out team, we can let you know if you qualify for free boiler grants. We will then send out one of our gas safe registered engineers to install your new boiler.

If you do not qualify under this free boiler scheme, you can always get quotes for a new boiler here.

We provide free boilers from the best boiler brands

Step by Step Guide To Getting Your Free Boiler

  1. Fill out our online enquiry form here – this takes just 2 minutes!
  2. A member of our team will be in touch to discuss your eligibility
  3. We will book you in for your free survey
  4. After that, your new boiler is installed
  5. Enjoy all the incredible benefits!

Am I Eligible For Boiler Grants And Funding?

In the UK, the Government ECO scheme is what provides grants for boiler replacement free of charge or heavily subsidised. This scheme is available in Scotland, England and Wales and is designed to help lift people out of fuel poverty.

We work throughout the UK

Low-income households will have access to fantastic home energy efficiency improvements which includes not only free boilers, but insulation too. If you are on benefits and have an old, in-efficient boiler then you could potentially qualify.

Do I Have To Pay Back A Boiler Grant?

No, boiler grants under the Government ECO scheme do not have to be paid back. You also won’t be locked into lots of complicated terms and conditions.

Those who qualify for boiler funding in the UK will have their new boiler installed and some with also come with heating controls. How much funding you are entitled to all depends on the energy efficiency of your home and we will organise the free energy assessment.

With ECO3, grant funding is eligible only for gas boilers.

The Criteria For An ECO3 Funded Boiler

Your eligibility for a free boiler though the Government ECO scheme is based on your income-related benefits. You must receive the right combination of these benefits which include ESA, JSA, tax credits and income support. In addition, you must own your own home or have permission from your landlord. Your property must also have a gas supply and your boiler must be of a certain age.

The eligibility requirements can be confusing as some will provide automatic qualification, whilst others will have another component that you must meet. You only need one further qualifier to qualify for the government boiler scheme 2019.

Government Benefit Further Qualifier
Other Benefit
Child Tax Credit No You qualify for ECO3 if your max household income doesn’t exceed £15,860.
Pension Credit No You qualify for ECO3
Working Tax Credits Yes Maximum household income must not exceed £15,860. Needs one other qualifying benefit:
• Child under 16 living at home
• Child under 20 living at property and still in full-time education (doesn’t include higher education)
• Aged 60 or over
• Severe disability element
Income Support Yes One more qualifying benefit:
• Pension Premium
• Disabled Child Premium
• Disability Premium
• Child under 16
• Child under 20 in full-time education
• Child Tax Credit with Disability Element
Income Based Job Seeker Allowance Yes One more qualifying benefit:
• Disabled Child Premium
• Child under 16
• Child under 20 in full-time education
• Child tax credit with Disability Element
• Pension Premium
• Disability Premium

If you are still unsure as to whether, you qualify, please get in touch with our team. If you do not claim benefits, the best way to get your new boiler is by paying monthly. We offer many different options for boilers on finance and will have a payment plan suitable for you.

The Benefits of A New Boiler

The goal of this scheme is to bring as many people as possible on low incomes out of fuel poverty. Did you know that old boilers lose up to 40% of their heat produced? So for every £1 that you pay in energy bills, 40p is completely wasted.

As you can imagine, this wastes an incredible amount of money over time.

With a new energy efficient boiler, you can look forward to saving around 90% of heat generated and you could be saving up to an incredible £340 per year.

Can I Get A Free Worcester Bosch Boiler?

If you qualify under the ECO3 scheme, you can get a Worcester Bosch boiler, but this will not be free. At Union Technical, under this scheme we provide a free Ideal boiler.

However, while you cannot get a free Worcester Bosch boiler, you can pay a small contribution and choose this boiler brand instead. This contribution is around £500 and our team will be able to give you an accurate Worcester Bosch boiler quote.

Why Is The Government Providing Free Boilers?

ECO3 scheme is linked with EU targets. The UK has targets to meet in reducing our carbon footprint and ECO3 plays a major part in hitting these targets. Therefore, reducing home’s carbon footprint makes a massive impact when done collectively. The Big Six energy suppliers fund this scheme and are obligated to do so by government. These energy suppliers are British Gas, Scottish Power, SSE, EDF, Npower and Eon. This includes installing free boilers and insulation in the most vulnerable homes with low incomes.

Get Your New Boiler Assessment From Union Technical

If you think you are eligible for a free boiler through the Government ECO scheme, get in touch with our team today. We can check your eligibility and book you in for your free assessment. Fill out our online contact form here.

We Have Won the Title of National Insulation and Fabric Installer of the Year

We are delighted to announce that on Friday we won Insulation and Fabric Installer of The Year at the National Energy Efficiency & Healthy Home Awards 2017.


Union Technical to Attend Network Meeting Addressing ECO2t

We will be attending the North East Association of Local Energy Officers (ALEO) network meeting on the 16th June 2017, sponsored by Mitsubishi. Held at Durham County Council, County Hall, the meeting will provide insights into the challenging Energy Company Obligation, and how this movement will have an impact on North East households.. With presentations from high-profile attendees, such as Nicola Marshall, Senior Development Account Executive at Scottish Power, and Denise Rogers, Business Development Manager at Npower, the meeting provides a great opportunity to discuss the ECO scheme with leaders of the energy companies and those associated with its delivery. (more…)

Union Technical to attend NEA’s ‘Warm and Safe at Home’ Seminar

Union Technical will be attending the upcoming Warm and Safe at Home seminar hosted by the NEA.  Held on the 13th June 2017 at 1.15pm-4.00pm in the Centre for Life, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, the seminar will bring together representatives from the energy industry, local authorities and housing associations, right through to agencies assisting vulnerable people with their energy needs, who all share the same goal of delivering warmer, healthier, and safer homes in the UK.


Stay Gas Safe in Your Home

If you use gas in your home, it is important to ensure that you are aware of any potential gas risks and dangers in order to keep safe. As Union Technical will be supporting this year’s Gas Safety Week – 18th -24th September – we have put together a handy guide to stay gas safe:


Are you Concerned About Your Cavity Wall Insulation?

Over 6 million properties in the UK have had cavity wall insulation installed. Of course, this is an excellent energy efficiency measure – however there are a lot of homes in the UK that have been fitted with cavity wall insulation where the property is in fact not suitable, and as such, is causing problems in the property such as damp.


Don’t Delay

As the summer is fast approaching, the need to use your heating is likely to become a lot less frequent. However, if you know that you are in need of a new boiler and your current one barely made it through winter – don’t delay in getting a new one – putting it off until the really cold months.


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This spring we have launched a competition across Facebook giving people the chance to win £100 in Amazon vouchers. All you have to do to enter, is simply like our Facebook page and share the post shown in the image.


Thank You!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended our launch of the Flow ECO RF – the new generation of smart boilers. As premier ambassadors of the boiler, we are the only company throughout Scotland to be supplying and installing this fantastic new boiler.


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