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Are you looking to replace your boiler but are worried about the cost? Many home owners now qualify for a free boiler under the 2019 government boiler scheme – ECO. You could have your old boiler replaced with a brand new one either completely free or heavily subsided depending on your eligibility. 

The Government Boiler Scheme 2019

The Eco Government boiler scheme provides heavily subsidised replacement boilers. Government funding for boilers gives low-income households access to energy efficiency improvements that will help to retain heat in their homes and save money on their energy bills. Those who meet the eligibility criteria and own a boiler that is at least eight years old could receive a heavily subsidised or free boiler.

At Union Technical, we can help you access government boiler grants and install your new boiler. Any government boilers you receive are completely free and this money does not have to be paid back. The funding that you are entitled to depends also on the energy efficiency of your home and we can carry out an energy assessment for you to determine your eligibility.

How Does the Government Free Boiler Scheme Work?

The process to receive funding for a new boiler as part of the ECO government boiler scheme is simple.

  1. Speak with our customer care team to check your eligibility
  2. We can arrange a home energy assessment for you
  3. Arrange an installation date with our team
  4. Have your brand new boiler installed to start saving on your energy bills!

The Benefits of the Government Boiler Scheme

If you are eligible to receive a new boiler as part of the government scheme, you will benefit massively. You will receive a new A-rated boiler free of charge or heavily subsidised, the installation process is completely free and you can reduce your energy bills to save hundreds of pounds every year.

Do I Qualify for a New Boiler Under the Government Boiler Scheme 2019?

To receive government boiler funding, you must be on a specific combination of income-related benefits. This includes tax credits, income support, jobs seekers allowance or employment and support allowance. You must also be the home owner or have your landlord’s permission to replace the boiler.

Here are the income benefit combinations that you must meet to qualify for the government boiler scheme 2019:

  • Pension Credit – Qualifies
  • Child Tax Credit (£15,860 maximum household income) – Qualifies
  • Income Support – One Further Qualifier Required.
    • Disability Premium
    • Pension Premium
    • Disabled Child Premium
    • Child Under 16
    • Child Under 20 In Full Time Education
    • Child Tax Credit with Disability Element
  • Working Tax Credits (£15,860 maximum household income) – One Further Qualifier Required.
    • Responsible for child under 16 living at property
    • Responsible for child under 20 living in full-time education (not higher education) and still living at property.
    • Severe disability element
    • Aged 60 or over
  • Income Based Job Seekers Allowance – One Further Qualifier Required
    • Disabled Child Premium
    • Child Under 16
    • Child Under 20 in Full Time Education
    • Child Tax Credit (Disability Element)
    • Pension Premium Disability Premium

Still unsure if you qualify for the ECO government boiler scheme? Contact our team today via phone or email and we can discuss your options with you.

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