Social Housing

As part of new energy efficiency government targets, councils across the UK have been granted funding to invest in making homes in their area more energy efficient. Union Technical works with councils to improve their social housing EPC ratings with a range of energy efficiency services that will help to lower energy bills for social housing tenants and reduce the carbon footprints of homes. We do this through the government ECO scheme and we have direct access to this funding.

Helping Councils Improve the Energy Efficiency of Social Housing Through the Eco Scheme

Fuel poverty is a major issue in the UK and one of the government’s central ways to tackle this problem is through energy efficiency products that make homes warmer for longer and reduces the cost of energy bills. Union Technical is proactively working with councils to provide these energy efficiency services to their social housing properties through the ECO scheme. We can provide a consultation on your property portfolio and advise on the best energy efficiency services for these homes that would have the biggest impact on their EPC band ratings.

By 2030, homes across the UK will be required to meet a minimum EPC band C rating target and band rating E by April 2020. Through the government funded ECO scheme, we can provide direct access to this funding and offer data mapping housing stock, cavity extraction and fill, insulation measures and the warm homes fund.

Speak with a member of the Union Technical team today for more information about our council partnerships and how we can help you improve fuel poverty in your local area. You can also also click here to view our case studies and the work that we are doing with other councils.

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