Cavity Wall Extraction

Is your home suffering from insulation problems? At Union Technical, we offer cavity wall extraction that removes faulty insulation using an insulation machine. This is a cost-effective solution that can have a massive impact on your home.

Cavity Wall Insulation Problems

If you have unfortunately had faulty cavity wall insulation used in your home, you can encounter a range of problems that requires the insulation to be removed. This can include flood damage and water penetration from wet insulation, voids in the cavity and deterioration through urea formaldehyde foam shrinkage as this can degrade over the years.

What to Expect from Cavity Wall Extraction

The first stage of the process is for a survey of your property to be carried out. All paperwork will be completed at this time and you can ask our team any questions that you may have. After the survey is completed, you will be given a quotation for the extraction work if you are not entitled to any government funding. After accepting the quote, our team will organise a suitable date with you for the extraction work to be carried out.

On the commencement day of your cavity wall insulation removal, our installers will explain to you how the process works. All necessary checks are carried out beforehand, such as checks on combustion to appliances and spillage tests. Any low-level bricks are removed to give way to the extractor vac.

Our installers can then get to work. A 22cm drill is used around the property and drills in a way that will minimise any damage to your brick work. The extraction begins by placing an air line into pre-drilled holes and air is inserted into the cavity. This will force the old insulation material out. Any holes that are not being used are covered to avoid excessive dust and fibres from escaping. The extractor vac will then transfer the materials and waste into bags for disposal. There is no need to worry about mess as our team will remove all materials and rubble before leaving the site.

If you are looking to have cavity wall extraction completed in your property, contact the Union Technical team today for more information.

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