Internal wall insulation

Was your home built before 1920?  Then you may find that you are experiencing problems with your home’s energy efficiency. Internal wall insulation can improve the energy efficiency of your home and it is a great option if you are looking to try and overcome planning restrictions or are looking for a cheaper form of wall insulation.

What is Internal Wall Insulation?

This is insulation that is fitted on the walls inside your home, rather than externally and there are two different methods to doing this.

The first method is studwork and wool. After this type of insulation has been fitted, our installers will finish the walls with plasterboard so you will have a fresh surface to redecorate. We also have painters in our team who can carry out this work for you.

The second method is insulated plaster boards. This is simply special plasterboard with insulation qualities that are adhered to it. These boards vary in thickness and generally the thicker the plasterboard, the better insulated your home will be.

How Long Does Insulation Take?

This type of insulation can take around 5 days to complete, but this all depends on your specific home. Our installers will survey your home to give you an accurate timescale of how long this will take to complete.

The Benefits of Internal Wall Insulation

Solid wall homes can lose up to twice as much heat compared to cavity constructed properties. Having your internal walls insulated can save you hundreds of pounds each year on your energy bills and cut your CO2 emissions. 

If you are looking to have this insulation fitted in your home, contact the Union Technical team today. Our installers will visit your home and provide you with a survey and quotation. We have direct access to internal wall insulation grants and funding that can help those who meet the eligibility criteria to fund all or part of the work.  

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