Loft Insulation

Did you know that a quarter of the heat in your home is lost through the roof? Lost insulation is a simple and inexpensive way to maximise your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your heating bills and you could be entitled to government grant loft insulation.

How Does Loft Insulation Work?

Loft insulation works by filling in any gaps found between your ceiling joists and then inserting a layer of insulation that prevents any cold spots. If you already have a layer of insulation, we can provide an additional layer to ensure it meets the required minimum thickness. All loft insulation is recommended to be 250mm – 270mm deep and this can either be with glass or mineral wool. The type of insulation that you require all depends on your roof and our team can advise you on what option is suitable for your home.

How Long Does the Process Take?

What’s great about our loft insulation service is that the job can be completed within just a few hours. All our fitters are fully trained in installing insulation materials and will provide a quick, professional and friendly service.

The Benefits of Loft Insulation

The biggest benefit of loft insulation is that it will pay for itself very quickly with the money you will be saving on your heating bills. A government grant for loft insulation will also cover all or most of this cost. As 25% of heat is lost in this way, you could dramatically reduce your monthly bills. In addition, you will be helping the environment with a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions. Many people also are not aware that while insulation will help to keep your home warmer during the cold winter months, it will keep your home cool during the warm summer months.

Union Technical can provide you with loft insulation in your home. Furthermore, you may qualify for a government grant for loft insulation under the ECO scheme to help with these costs. Contact our team today to find out if you are eligible for free loft insulation or to receive a quote.

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