Social Housing

If you are a landlord of social housing, Union Technical can provide an EPC for landlords and help you improve the energy efficiency of your properties.

Scotland Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing

The Energy Efficiency Standard For Social Housing was recently introduced and it aims to improve energy efficiency in social housing in Scotland. Minimum energy efficiency ratings for properties vary depending on the type of property it is and what fuel is used to heat it.

At Union Technical, we can provide an EPC for landlords and energy efficiency services to improve your EPC ratings. This includes new boilers, loft, floor, internal and external insulation in your properties. We also have access to a range of government funding sources to help you offset the cost of these new energy efficiency measures, including the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding.

England Energy Efficiency Standards for Social Housing

In England, the government has set new targets for housing to be at an EPC band C by 2030. Properties with the lowest energy efficiency ratings will be eligible to access the ECO scheme funding source. Union Technical can help you access this funding. Looking beyond this time frame, the government is also wants to raise EPC band targets to above C for 2050.

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The Benefits of Energy Efficiency Improvements

There are benefits for both tenants and landlord of social housing when energy efficiency improvements are made to properties. This includes increased tenant satisfaction, reduced void periods and reduced long-term property maintenance costs. It can also improve the market value of your properties and provide a warm, comfortable environment for your tenants.

If you are the landlord of social housing, contact the Union Technical team today. Our customer care team can advise you on your eligibility for government energy efficiency funding. Plus, we have direct access to this funding to ensure your properties meet the new EPC for landlords targets.

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