Are you a Social Housing Provider who would like to improve the thermal efficiency and heating in your housing stock to help tenants save energy, lower their fuel bills and keep warm and well? If so, we can help so read on.

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a Government scheme that provides funding for energy saving improvements such as Insulation and Heating to be available and affordable to Social Housing Providers and their tenants. All major Energy Companies across the UK have been obligated to provide the funding for these improvements and you can now capitalise on this funding.

By installing energy saving products, you can improve the Energy Performance Certificate rating of your properties and make your homes more appealing for future tenants. Whilst improving the living conditions through warmth, lower fuel bills and improved health and well being for current tenants. This is becoming increasingly important in the current economic and legislative climate as legal requirements on social and private landlords increase.

Benefits of working with us

With direct access to funding, market leading product manufacturers and suppliers the partnership would offer:

  • A fully managed solution with a specialised project delivery team, incorporating knowledge and experience from a wide range of relevant professionals to improve cold, damp homes which are often hard to treat.
  • An end to end service that includes the identification of suitable properties, survey, design, funding, material supply, installation and aftercare, which results in vast improvements to your housing stock.
  • Access to funding which means improvements come at little or no cost to your organisation.
  • Market leading products and services with support and experience from Manufacturers and Suppliers.
  • Help and support with Tenant Engagement.
  • A clear and robust Schedule of Works delivered in line with your needs and requirements.
  • Independent Quality of Works, on-site Inspections during and after installation.
  • Insurance backed guarantees on all products and works.
  • Overall, a significant improvement to your housing portfolio, your tenants fuel bills and their health and well being as the opportunity to re-invest money you would otherwise spend on these improvements to bring you in line with legislation.

Key Developments in our work with the Social Housing Sector

Tower Block Accommodation

Historically, improvements have been sporadic or in some cases non existent in Tower Blocks due to their diverse build type, structure and height. However, with our innovative and approved working practise, we can now improve the thermal efficiency of Tower Block accommodation. Using advanced technology making improvements to tenants safety and the warmth of their home has been key in the development of this market leading system. Along with funding opportunities, knowledge and experience and insurance backed products and services, now is the time to take up the opportunity to improve this type of housing stock before it is too late.


Renewable Heating Technology

With rising energy costs becoming a mainstream issue, there is a growing need for Social Landlords to ensure replacement heating systems deliver the lowest possible heating costs as well as working towards the Net Zero Carbon targets. We are delighted to be able to offer our clients a Renewable Heating source for their housing portfolio.

Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP), as recognised by the Energy Saving Trust, provide the lowest cost heating and hot water solution. A GSHP provides heat and hot water by using the earths natural heat source, burying pipework underground to collect low grade renewable energy from the ground. The Heat Pump upgraded the heat to temperatures ideal for space and water heating.

The technology we use will provide 100% of the heat and hot water required in a property without relying on a secondary heating source. Along with using market leading technology we use a system that enables multiple unit projects from installing one GSHP, allowing access to multiple routes to fund projects.

4 houses

Work with us

We are an award winning fully accredited installation company, who have been recognised for our partnership working on both small and large scale area based projects. We excel in end to end project management and have experience in working with Social Landords and Housing Providers to deliver stock-wide initiatives that get to the people who need assistance. We can help you design your ideal project, help to identify and find eligible households, assess eligibility, identify suitable work by carrying out a whole house survey, install energy saving products and provide both a internal and third party inspection service.

Here at Union Technical, we work directly with major Energy Companies and have contracts in place to draw down on available funding to be used by Social Housing Providers and Landlords who want to improve their housing portfolio. We work with the best Industry Specialists and Product Manufacturers to ensure we deliver insurance and warrantee backed products at all times.

We can make your energy saving project a great success, drawing down on available funding, using our own accredited fitting teams, going above and beyond with our highly praised customer service whilst investing in the local community.

We are delighted with our continuing work with numerous Housing Associations, Social Landlords and Local Authorities across the UK to improve the thermal efficiency and heating of their housing stock, helping to reduce carbon emissions in line with the Net Zero Target, while keeping tenants warm and well.

You’re in Safe Hands with Union Technical!

At Union Technical we pride ourselves on the end to end project managed service we can offer to partners, as well as the experience and knowledge we have of the sector. Our installs are carried out in accordance with PAS2030:2019 standards and we work with leading Manufacturers to ensure all products are of the best quality. All the products we used are insurance backed and come with relevant guarantees.

To look at some of our projects with Social Landlords, visit our case studies page.

If you have any enquiries, please contact us or call us on 0800 046 9190 and one of our friendly customers services agents will be able to assist.