Project Description

Case Study: Air Source Heat Pumps

Union Technical Services are delighted with the results of the recent Renewable Heat Project in the Highlands of Scotland.

The project has been delivered by blending funding from different streams including the Warm Homes Fund and the Government backed Energy Company Obligation. Due to the funding blend, all heating and insulation improvements have come at no cost to customers.

The homes that have been improved are classed as hard to heat and treat and are in some of the most remote areas. Off mains gas networks and of a structure type which makes them impossible to fit traditional insulation measure such as cavity wall insulation, has meant that an innovative approach had to be used to ensure thermal efficiency improvements could be made as well as first time central heating for households.

The customer engagement team before heading out to meet with potential customers.

Our customer engagement team went out into communities to engage with residents to inform them of what was available to them and provide information and advice on renewable heating such as air source heat pumps and the benefits to have their homes fully insulated.

Many customers found this extremely useful and took up the offer of installing air source heat pumps and a variety of insulation measures.

120 Air Source Heat Pumps; as first time central heating were installed for residents who had not had any form of heating in their properties, apart from some having plug in heaters that were moved between rooms.
All of the properties were made thermally efficient using a range of insulation methods and types:

Internal Wall Insulation; all properties were built with a solid wall construction and therefore cavity wall insulation was not an option.
Underfloor insulation; many properties had voids under the floor and therefore most could be accessed to insulate and stop cold draughts from coming up through gaps in the floor boards.

Room in roof insulation; any properties that were suitable were fitted with room in roof insulation to stop warm air escaping and cold air coming in through the roof.

Loft insulation; lofts were insulated to bring them up to recommended standards to stop heat loss through the roof space.

Air Source Heat Pumps Project

One of insulation team installing under flooring insulation to a property.

Alongside improving the thermal efficiency of the homes and installing first time central heating, the project aimed to improving living standards, improve health and well being both with physical and mental health conditions and reduce energy costs.

It is a widely accepted fact that people living in cold, damp homes can have existing health conditions such as heart and lung conditions, asthma, circulatory disease worse. It can also be detrimental to young children’s health and therefore improving housing conditions is a vital part in keeping people well and out of hospital.

So far, feedback from customers has been extremely positive with comments such as;

“you’ve changed our lives”

“we no longer need to worry about our children being ill every winter”

“I can’t believe the difference in how warm our house is. We no longer need to wear our coats and hats inside!”


We are delighted at the difference we have made to people by improving their homes at no cost to them and the positive impact this has on their health, well being and finances. Being able to blend funding, offer a full range of energy saving improvements and first time central heating really makes what we do worth while.