Project Description

Case Study: Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are one of our most popular services and our team recently fitted this system in the Lochgilphead area of Scotland.

Our team initially completed an EPC on the property before putting it forward for a technical survey for the air source heat pump design and installation. Our technical surveyor, Scott, then met with the customer to discuss exactly how the system would work and the benefits that come with its installation.

As part of the technical survey, Scott then took wall space sizes for the radiators and measured the size of the cupboard where the new unvented cylinder would be placed. He also found the perfect outdoor spot where the new heat pump could be installed, and measurements were taken for this.

As part of the design process, Scott discussed with the client any disruption to their home and where the pipes would run. They both then agreed on where the new radiator positions would be, subject to design approval. Scott then designed the completed heat pump system, the radiators and the hot water cylinder that would suit the house.

After arranging a date that was suitable for the customer, the air source heat pump installation was completed in just two days and the customer now enjoys a much more energy efficient home.

Air Source Heat Pumps
Case study