Project Description

Case Study: Cavity Wall Insulation

The Hebridean Housing Partnership is a not for profit housing association who manage over 2200 rentable properties across the Western Isles of Scotland.

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Union Technical Services were contracted by the Hebridean Housing Partnership to plan, manage and deliver a cavity wall insulation installation project for 500 properties. Hebridean decided to install cavity wall insulation to properties as they discovered that about a third of heat loss in an uninsulated property is through the walls and by properly insulating the walls of their properties, their tenants could save large amount of money off their heating bills. Hundreds of pounds would be saved from tenants energy bills once work was completed.

Cavity walls were insulated by injecting insulation material i.e. polystyrene beads into the cavity from the outside. Small holes, around 22mm, were drilled in to the outside walls at around 1m internals. The insulation beads were then blown in to the cavity via the walls using specialist equipment and the holes re-sealed with cement and made good. This is a non-evasive process and therefore non disruptive for tenants.

Cavity Wall Insulation
Cavity Wall Insulation

“Can’t believe how much warmer our house is. Amazing work and everybody has been so nice from the initial enquiry right through to the work being done. The lads even swept my path outside for me when they had finished”

Mrs G, Stornoway