Project Description

Case Study: Internal Wall Insulation

Clydebank Housing Association was established by local residents in 1984 and working in partnership with the Housing Corporation and Local Authority, set out to improve housing and regenerate the central and east areas of the town.

Their aim is to provide a mix of homes in a variety of sizes and types, both to cope with current housing need and to allow for transfers from one type of housing to another as residents needs change. They hold a stock of over 1100 properties catering for all types of people including the elderly, disabled and those with special needs.


Union Technical Services Ltd have recently completed installing internal wall insulation to 6 blocks of flats, each block containing 56 independent flats. This project involved the installation of insulation to the interior face of external walls to improve the thermal efficiency of properties. The wall insulation was fitted to internal walls using dry lining panels, which are fixed to the wall to enhance the thermal performance of a wall by providing internal drylining and insulation in one process. The panels were then decorated as normal.

One of the issues of installing internal wall insulation is that a small amount of space is lost in a room due to the thickness of the panels. However, after close tenant liaison and educational talks, tenants could see the benefit of loosing a small amount of room space to gain a warmer, more energy efficient home. Installing internal wall insulation in flats can save up to £130 per year from energy bills. This amount rises in terraced, semi and detached properties.

Other works were completed to bring properties up to standard such as re-siting power sockets, which need to be brought out from the original wall and re-fitted on to the new wall surface.

Tenants were extremely pleased with the upgrade to their properties. Disruption does happen due to the nature of the work but with careful and planned interaction with tenants to inform them of what to expect and the benefits to the work taking place meant very smooth project delivery.