The replacement of a boiler can be a real dent to the bank balance, however, did you know that there are many benefits to upgrading? You may even save money in the long run by upgrading your boiler! If you are currently running an older boiler, you are missing out on all these great advantages. What’s great about getting a new boiler with Union Technical is that it does not have to be as expensive as you think. Below, you can find out more about all of the fantastic perks that come along with your new boiler installation.

Enjoy Improved Boiler Efficiency

According to the energy saving trust, your central heating boiler will make up as much as 60% of your home energy costs! This really puts things into perspective when you are looking for a new boiler, as a new and more effective boiler can make a real difference to the size of your bills. Who doesn’t want that? The best gas boilers will offer you an A-rated system which means you can look forward to an efficiency of 90% or more. If you currently have an older boiler, it may well have an energy efficiency rating as low as G and this means that it is less than 70% efficient. For some, a new boiler installation with improved efficiency could lead to savings of up to massive £200 – £300 every year!

Set Your Room Temperature

If you are not using a heating controller with Thermostatic Radiator Valves and a room thermostat, there are huge advantages that you could potentially be missing out on. When using these cool devices, you can set the temperature of each room in your home separately. When the heat around the valve reaches the desired temperature that you have requested, the Thermostatic Radiator Valves will switch off. This allows you to set certain areas of the home at a lower temperature than others such as the bedroom, which most prefer to be cooler than their living areas. The Thermostatic Radiator Valves will all switch off when each room has reached the required temperature and this is the when the room thermostat will also kick in as it can switch off your entire boiler system.

Enjoy Peace, Quiet and More Room Space

As new boilers have improved designs and materials, you can expect your upgraded boiler to be a lot quieter than your old boiler. What’s more, modern boilers are usually much smaller in size and can even be placed on walls rather than floors, giving you some more free space! They can even be placed inside a kitchen cupboard. Some types of boilers, such as conventional boilers, do still require more space, however, as you will need to have a large tank fitted into your home.

If you are looking to get a new boiler, make sure you contact Union Technical today. We offer a range of great boilers and we can provide you with a free, no obligation quote. What’s more, we have access to many different funding streams and you could even be entitled to a free boiler! You can check your eligibility here or you can give us a call and our team will be able to discuss with you whether or not you meet the eligibility criteria.