Are you looking for a new boiler, but are unsure of what type of boiler will be best for you? Union Technical is here to help. We can offer you a boiler quote for the very best boilers and at the right price. If you need a little more information first on the different types of boilers that you can choose from and which will be best for you, be sure to read on before then getting your own tailored quote!

Combination Boiler

In the United Kingdom, the boiler you will find in most homes, and the one that we fit most often, is the combi boiler. There are lots of fantastic benefits to be gained from a combi boiler and with this type of boiler, you can enjoy both a heated home and hot water straight from it.

There are many reasons as to why combo boilers are so popular. Firstly, these boilers do not need tanks to be fitted and any pipework is usually minimal which makes them a good stress-free option. They are also the cheapest and most cost-effective option which makes them the majority’s first choice. If you have a smaller home and not much storage space, this is also the ideal option for you as it saves a lot of space and, as we mentioned previously, there is no need for a large tank to be placed in your home. Combi boilers also do not require a pump and you can get hot water through your mains pressure. So, there is no need to worry about not having hot water for your shower in the mornings!

Combi boilers are great, but they are not always suitable for every home. If you have a large home with multiple bathrooms then you may be better choosing another type of boiler.

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Combi Boiler

Conventional Boiler

The second type of boiler that you may consider getting is a conventional boiler. You may also hear these types of boilers being referred to as open vent boilers of regular boilers. This type of boiler is great for both heating your radiators and your hot water and if you are living in a large home this may be the best option for you, especially if you have multiple bathrooms. Furthermore, if your home has a traditional heating and hot water system, this is the most suitable option.

All boilers have their pros and cons and the conventional boiler is no different. While this boiler is great for those with many bathrooms, it does take up a lot of space and they are also not the most efficient to run. They will be much costlier to run than a standard combi boiler.

System Boiler

Lastly, we have the system boiler. This is another boiler than does not require a tank as the main hot water and heating components are in the boiler. This is another boiler that is fantastic for larger homes with multiple bathrooms. It may even be a better option that the conventional boiler as they do not take up as much space due to the lack of a tank and they will not cost you as much to run them. The main downside to a system boiler is that it will not give you hot water instantly, so this is something to consider before choosing this system.


At Union Technical, we can offer you a range of boilers and our most popular option is the combi. Through the funding we have access to, you may also be entitled to a free boiler! You can click here to get a free quote online for your new boiler and you can also click here to view the list of criteria that you need to meet in order to receive a free boiler through the ECO scheme.