If you have been researching different funding methods for energy efficiency measures in the UK, you will have come across the ECO Scheme.

The Eco Scheme has been running for many years now and thousands of people have benefited from this funding. We are now in the third phase of this scheme – ECO3. This stands for The Energy Company Obligation and it is a government energy efficiency scheme.


Ideal Boiler – ECO3

How Does The Eco3 Scheme Work?

With this scheme, the Big Six energy suppliers fund energy efficiency measures in households throughout the country. Each has a different target to meet and this is based on their share of the British energy market. There is a range of fantastic energy efficiency measures that can be installed in your home thanks to this scheme including insulation and new boilers.

Do I Qualify For ECO3?

The Eco3 scheme tackles fuel poverty for those on income and disability related benefits.

Here are the income benefit combinations that you must meet to qualify for the government boiler scheme 2019:

  • Pension Credit – Qualifies
  • Child Tax Credit (£15,860 maximum household income) – Qualifies
  • Income Support – One Further Qualifier Required.
    • Disability Premium
    • Pension Premium
    • Disabled Child Premium
    • Child Under 16
    • Child Under 20 In Full Time Education
    • Child Tax Credit with Disability Element
  • Working Tax Credits (£15,860 maximum household income) – One Further Qualifier Required.
    • Responsible for child under 16 living at property
    • Responsible for child under 20 living in full-time education (not higher education) and still living at property.
    • Severe disability element
    • Aged 60 or over
  • Income Based Job Seekers Allowance – One Further Qualifier Required
    • Disabled Child Premium
    • Child Under 16
    • Child Under 20 in Full Time Education
    • Child Tax Credit (Disability Element)
    • Pension Premium Disability Premium

Here at Union Technical, we work with local authorities up and down the country to provide the energy efficiency measures. We would also recommend checking with your local authority as they may be referring residents for this funding.  You must be the owner of your home in order to qualify.

Do I Have To Pay A Contribution?

Whether or not you have to pay a contribution all comes down to the energy efficiency of your home. After having an assessor visit your property, we will be able to better inform you of whether you will receive your boiler and/or insulation for free or if you have to contribute. Contributions are usually small. We also offer you the option to upgrade your boiler for a small contribution and the choice is up to you whether to opt for the free version or pay a little more.